It’s voting time!

It’s time to get voting!


The polls are now open to vote in the FXU Elections for October 2015.

This election is for positions in the following categories:  Executive Officers, Student Council, and the Liberation Committee.


Follow this link and log in with your university details to find out more about the positions, the candidates and to cast your vote.

Make sure to read all the candidates’ manifestos to ensure you make an informed decision about who you think would best fill that role.

Speaking with The Anchor, President of Student Experience, Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson emphasises the importance of voting; “By voting in these FXU elections you’re actively having a say in the quality of your student experience. When more students take part in this process your elected representatives will have a greater sense of authority and responsibility; this means the work they do throughout this year becomes more important and any results they get will benefit more students!”

Polls close this Friday (Friday, 23rd October) at 16:00 so make sure to get your vote in by then!

If you have any questions, email