Exeter becomes a global top 100 university

For the first time in the University’s history, Exeter has been placed as a global top 100 university. Following The Times Higher Education World University Rankings, The University of Exeter moved from 154th in 2014 to 93rd this year, rising an impressive 61 places in the table.

FXU Exeter President, Grace Fisher said, “This is amazing news for the university as is fantastic news for the students too as it will mean Exeter will be able to attract world leading academics and researchers who can teach us. Additionally, it will mean that students from all over the world will want to come to Cornwall and Devon increasing the diversity of the student body, and as graduates our degrees will be recognised world-wide.”

In a video, Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Steve Smith said, “For us, the goal is long term sustainable achievement, but today we can say we’re in the top 100 universities in the world.” To see this video in full, please click here.

To see the complete World Rankings, follow this link