University students celebrate at the Annual FXU Awards Ceremony


FXU Awards 2015 Photo 3 copy
The FXU Orchestra Quartet welcome guests to the ceremony (PHOTGRAPHY: RHIAN ISRAEL)

Last term ended on a high as the Princess Pavilion played host the FXU’s annual Awards Ceremony on May 22nd 2015. The awards ceremony is held annually to recognise achievements from a broad range of FXU activities, from volunteering and fundraising to academic representation and sporting achievements. The evening was hosted by Ellie Scouller (FXU President Falmouth), Rhun Davies, (FXU President Exeter), Roger Auster (FXU President Student Experience) and Catherine Thornhill, (FXU President Community & Welfare).

The event gave both Exeter and Falmouth students an opportunity to socialise with institutional leaders, representatives from local charities, civic dignitaries and VIPs including the Mayor of Falmouth; Councillor John Body, The Mayor of Penryn; Councillor Mark Snowdon and Invictus Games gold medallist Chris Attis.

FXU Awards 2015 Photo 1-2 copy
The CSM Netball Team receive their award for FXU Sports Club of the Year (Competitive) from Chris Attis. (PHOTOGRAPHY: KATIE SHOREY)

Chris Attis commented, “It is inspiring to see how important the FXU Awards are to recognise people outside of their academic achievements regarding volunteering, community, societies and sport. It was an honour to be at the awards evening and also an honour to be giving out the sport awards”.

Along with students, staff were also recognised for their contribution to the student experience and outstanding teaching. The awards presented to both staff and students were created by Lucy Plant, a third year Sustainable Product Design student at Falmouth. Each award was hand stitched and entirely unique with the aim of representing the award winner’s individuality. The 3D coiled vessels carried connotations of a maritime theme whilst also combining elements to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of FXU.

FXU Awards 2015 Photo 2 copy
Professor Sir Steve Smith presents the Daniel Palmer Award to Oussama Kardi (PHOTOGRAPHY: KATIE SHOREY)

This year, a special award was given in this year’s ceremony in memory of the late Andy Hocking, a Devon and Cornwall Police Officer, who sadly passed away earlier this year. ‘The FXU Andy Hocking Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Community’ was presented to Hattie Frisby.

Special mention is given to the winner of ‘The Daniel Palmer Award for The Most Outstanding Contribution to Student Experience’, Oussama Kardi, for his work in the Islamic Society, especially in their ‘Believe and Do Good Month’, which was an FXU Islamic Society project. The society was successful in raising over £500 for the appeal by carrying out a number of fundraisers, beach cleaning events, as well as donating food to Penryn food bank and encouraging 100 students to sign up to give blood. The Islamic Society’s success was widely noticed, resulting in the society’s nomination for the National Islamic Society Awards.

The evening additionally showcased a wide variety of student talent, featuring performances from The Chorus, a student run member lead choir, and Viva Voce, Penryn Campus’ resident chamber choir. Further performances were provided by the FXU Orchestra Quartet and the musical theatre society, the Tremough Follies.


FXU Award Winners 2015 were:

1. Sports Person of the Year: Sophie Wharton (Ultimate Frisby)

2. Most Outstanding FXU Sports Club Committee Member: Sam Boniface (Sailing & Swimming Clubs).

3. FXU Sports Club of the Year (Competitive): CSM Netball Club

4. FXU Sports Club of the Year (Non-Competitive): Horseriding

5. Most Improved Sports Club of the Year: Fal Surf

6. FXU Society of the Year: Wild Doc

7. Most Improved Society: Tremough English Society (TES)

8. Most Outstanding FXU Society Committee Member: Oussama Kardi (Islamic Society President)

9. Most Innovative Society Event or Project of the Year: FXU Islamic Society ‘Believe & Do Good Month’

10. Most Original Fundraising Idea: To the End (Jonny Dry)

11. Most Significant Contribution to Fundraising: Hannah Smith / Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson

12. Greatest Contribution to Fundraising by a Sports Club or Society: Expedition

13. Most Significant Contribution to Sustainability in the Student Community: Daniel Hawkes

14. Significant Contribution to the Community Through Volunteering: Matthew Davies

15. Student Media or Innovation Project of the Year: Penryn Press

16. The FXU Andy Hocking Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Community: Hattie Frisby

17. Student Academic Rep of the Year (Falmouth): Laura Clarke

18. Student Academic Rep of the Year (University of Exeter, Cornwall Campuses): Zeya Wagner

19. Best Student Council Member: Zeya Wagner

20. Hall Rep of the Year: Jordan Lynch

21. Campaign of the Year: Believe & Do Good and My Vote Matters (joint winners)

22. Best Contribution to Student Voice Activities: Catherine Fairfield & Billy Burton

23. Outstanding Contribution to the Student Experience: Roger Auster

24. Best Overall Contribution to FXU Activities: Tilda Dunn

25. Outstanding Teaching Award (Falmouth University): Katrina Brown

26. Outstanding Teaching Award (University of Exeter, Cornwall Campuses): Chris Caseldine

27. Innovative Teaching Award (Falmouth University): Neil Fox

28. Innovative Teaching Award (University of Exeter, Cornwall Campuses): Catherine Leyshon

29. Award for Student Mentoring (University of Exeter): Tony Hastings

30. Award for Student Mentoring (Falmouth University): Annalise Taylor

31. Award for Ambassadors (University of Exeter, Cornwall Campuses): Rachel Haddy

32. Award for Student Ambassadors (Falmouth University): Adam Green & Becky Eley (Joint Winners)

33. Employability Champion of the Year (University of Exeter, Cornwall Campuses): Jonathan Stokes

34. Employability Champion of the Year (Falmouth): Ruth Timms

35. FXU Open Award: Green Living Project

36. The Daniel Palmer Award: Oussama Kardi