Koofi pizza prices rise over the summer months stirring complaints from students



The end of the summer term meant the inevitable return home for many students.  However for those staying down in Cornwall for the holiday, surprise was in store when Koofi raised the prices of their pizza over the summer months.

Koofi, the on campus café located near to Glasney Village, is hugely popular with students thanks to its ever-flowing supply of Starbucks coffee and convenient takeaway food.

So, it was to the disgruntlement of many students, many of those being postgraduates who are based on campus over the summer, when Koofi made the decision to raise the prices of their pizzas to coincide with the start of renting out the Glasney halls as “Summer Penryn Apartments”. Students found that pizzas which were £6.50 prior to the summer holidays were now priced at £9.50, while Margarita pizzas had gone up from £4.50 to £6.50.

The price of food and drink at both the Penryn  and  Falmouth Campuses is decided by FXPlus, the service provider of both the University of Exeter Cornwall Campus and Falmouth University. FXPlus manages all the shared services for both universities and is committed to providing students with the best university experience.

Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson, the new FXU President of Student Experience said, “Postgraduate students came to me with queries over the rise in the price of Koofi pizzas over the summer period.” She continued to say that she has taken this issue up with the relevant parties within FXPlus. It has been agreed between FXU and FXPlus that charging students more who had remained in Cornwall out of the undergraduate term dates wasn’t fair, and furthermore that the issue wasn’t handled correctly.

It has been agreed that in the future, relevant liaising will take place between FXPlus and FXU over issues of this nature. It is FXU’s view that prices of food and drink should not increase simply due to the fact that the majority of the student body is not present on campus.

Amanda concludes that, “This is the type of issue everyone at FXU is keen to help students with, working with students to see how we can improve the post graduate experience is going to be one of our top priorities for the next year.”

Koofi pizzas are to remain at the increased prices until the beginning of the undergraduate academic term this September at which point they shall return to their normal prices.