EXCLUSIVE: Tough Love comes to Falmouth: an interview with the duo

Tough Love
PHOTOGRAPHY: Dean Richardson

This September, we will be welcoming Tough Love to the DJ set for the Heaven and Hell Freshers’ event on the 26th. Earlier this year, the band released their hit single ‘So Freakin Tight’, which hit the UK chart at number eleven and rose to number one in the UK dance chart soon after its release in March. ‘Pony (Jump on it) [feat.Ginuwine]’, another title by the duo, was also featured at number thirty-nine in the UK Chart this August and featured the R&B legend, Ginuwine, for a remake of the 1996 top hit ‘Pony’ with renewed vocals.

Tough Love, described by Radio One’s DJ Annie Mac, who also recently played at The Stannery, as “ one of the production teams [Radio 1 are] most excited for in 2015”. The duo has been throwing waves globally in the house scene with their catchy, base heavy music.

The Falmouth Anchor had a chat with the guys to talk about everything from their excitement to play in Falmouth, to their ambitions for the year ahead. We first asked them why they decided to come and play in Falmouth, they replied that it was somewhere that they’d never played before. “We always enjoy playing university tours and we were really looking forward to playing Falmouth.” They continued, “We recently played Colorfest in Newquay, which was really great fun so hopefully the Falmouth gang are just as crazy.”

When asked what they were most excited for about the trip down to Cornwall, they proceeded to speak very highly of university crowds, “they’re always up for a good time and some of our craziest memories are from our own uni experiences.” The two continued to explain “we’ll be travelling down the morning after our first ‘Get Twisted” tour date in Bournemouth, so we’ll be in good spirits and excited to get on the decks to test out some new music- especially our new single, ‘Saviour’. ”

“Freshers’ is always mayhem”, they said, explaining the unique vibe that Freshers’ events have and why they like to play at these kind of events . “Everyone is on a high,” they continued, “for some it’s their first real taste of freedom away from the family. People just want to have fun.” They concluded by saying that “There’s plenty of drinks to go around, and Freshers’ events have got all the ingredients for a great party.”

Our penultimate question for the duo concens their ambitions for the year ahead. The two appear humble, “if the year turns out to be as successful as 2015 has been, we’d be more than happy”. “We’re high ambitious,” they continued, “so anything is possible. Next year we’ll be releasing our debut album, while continuing to tour and grow both Tough Love and our label, Get Twisted”. The two seem like they have a busy 2016 planned, and we wish them the best, and look forward to hearing their new work.

We ended the interview by asking them about their own experiences in their student days. Both of the guys went to Brunel, although they apparently never crossed paths. “We both had quite different experiences. Stef was really busy balancing DJing and playing football with university work, while Alex was a fully fledged rugby player.” They concluded by laughing about the fact that  “some of the best experiences definitely involved university nights out, but some of those experiences should never be shared!”

Having talked to the guys, we’re really pumped to hear them play at the end of the Freshers’ run of events. Make sure you get your tickets for the night – this one shouldn’t be missed.

HEAVEN AND HELL takes place on Saturday 26th September, 21.00-02.00. Freshers bands available from September 7th. Tickets also on sale on the door.

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