A guide to Sports Clubs for the 2015/2016 season


The new university year means the start of the new season for the sports societies. As well as the usual football, rugby and cricket, the more unusual sports such as Quidditch, Ultimate Frisbee and Underwater Hockey also get underway. So, in readiness for a new year of sport, here’s a guide to some of the sports on offer.





American Football is one of the fastest growing university sports in the country, and to take the challenge to the nations’ best is the FXU Tridents team. As well as hosting social events such as their annual Superbowl Party in the Stannery, the Tridents compete in the British Universities & Colleges Sport American Football League, South West Region. Although it may appear a sport for guys built like brick walls who open doors by head butting their way through, American Football is a sport that is suitable for all. Social Secretary Ollie Steer says “there are positions for people of all skill levels and, more importantly, all builds.”

Another quality of this growing sport in the UK is the team spirit and close friendship that comes from being part of a university team. According to Ollie, “The camaraderie is one the best parts of the sport, and it only helps to heighten you enjoyment of the physical side, as your teammates push you to be the best you can be and give you constant encouragement.” If you fancy being part of the Tridents, they will be holding taster sessions on 16th and 23rd September from 8-9:30pm, meeting outside Glasney Lodge at 7:30


While American Football is the fastest growing US sport in the UK, the fastest growing sport in America is lacrosse, and it’s pretty popular over here too. FXU Lacrosse Men’s Captain Logan Lloyd says, “Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the USA, anyone can play lacrosse. It’s a full contact sport, and is a lot of hard work at first, but once you have the knack of how to play it’s extremely satisfying. As long as you’re up for a demanding sport which requires skill and co-ordination, then lacrosse is perfect”. Both the men’s and women’s teams train twice a week at the MUGA and Penryn College, if you want to join them and give lacrosse a go, then taster sessions are being run on 15th and 22nd September at the MUGA, and 25th September at Penryn College.


Quidditch may have its origins in the world of Harry Potter, but it has developed it into a highly competitive sport in its own right, separate from the fictional world of magic that produced it. This fast paced, full contact sport that combines dodgeball, rugby, handball and basketball is rapidly becoming one of the most popular university sports in the world.

The Falmouth Falcons Quidditch Team compete not only at national level against university teams from all over Britain but have also taken on the best teams on the continent in the European Quidditch Championships. 2014/15 was a strong season for the Falcons and they will be looking to build on their strong form in 2015/16. To do that they need fresh new faces to help them continue their success, so head up to the Exchange Lecture Theatre on 15th September at 5pm for a meet and greet before a taster session on 19th and 26th September from 11-2:30 at the Dracaena Centre.





Like hockey, but with hard hitting tackles. This Gaelic sport has been a success story for students in Cornwall as the CSM Shinty team have made a significant impact on the sport, winning the first ever English Universities Shinty Tournament in March and some members competing for the Cornwall Shinty Club at the English Shinty Championships. The team also compete at various tournaments around the country, from Bristol to London to St Andrews. Open to all who want to give it a try, they will be holding a taster session on 19th September from 1-3pm at the MUGA