Film Review: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Millie Richie

Marvel’s latest instalment of their action-packed superhero saga hit our screens, delighting audiences with another piece of what has become an intricate and thrilling puzzle. Whilst writing this review I battle with my inner Marvel fangirl, resisting the urge to purely write 200-odd words of screaming, crying and swooning. Instead I call upon my student professionalism to enable me to talk about such things as impressive character progression and mind-blowing effects whilst avoiding any possible spoilers (seriously I can’t even Photoshop – I have no idea how they managed to do all of that. So I’m just gonna assume that it all actually happened live on set and they filmed it).

What stands out with fresh immediacy is the development of female characters from the first movie. Superhero films have always been marketed as a bit of a boys club so it was wonderful to see Joss Whedon give us some female characters that aren’t just there to scream and be sexualised. Black Widow’s narrative was prised open through a series of ominous flashbacks and emotive confessions, expertly conveyed via Johansson (any screen time featuring her is screen time well used in my opinion). Carrying the brunt of the plot’s narrative progression, Downey Jr. carried off the role of Iron Man with the expected yet still wondrous levels of sass and style. Witty one-liners are woven smoothly into the action, lending much-needed comic relief  to the fantastical madness –  perhaps not making one believe any of this could actually happen, but more that if it did happen, this it probably how it would go down. can’t wait to see what happens next.