University of Exeter confirms plans for end of term


By Lars Mucklejohn |


The University of Exeter has laid out its plans for the end of term amid the COVID-19 pandemic and new lockdown measures.

These plans concern students returning home for the Christmas break in a safe manner.

Working with the government’s guidance, the university will observe a “student travel window” between 3-9 December.

During this period, students, including international students (subject to travel restrictions), may travel home as long as they are not isolating. Students not returning home over Christmas will be supported.

To support this “travel window”, all teaching will take place online from 4 December until the end of term “with the exception of teaching activities requiring specialist spaces or facilities where online provision is not possible”. After 8 December, all teaching will take place online.

Additionally, the university has promised that, from 30 November, all those wanting a COVID-19 test before going home will be able to get one. Students are encouraged to get tested if they wish “to give reassurance to those they are travelling to be with”.

The university also confirmed that “any social, extra-curricular or sporting activity” will not be allowed to restart after the national lockdown ends on 2 December.

As for how the university will handle the return to campus in January, they are waiting for further guidance.

The number of COVID-19 cases linked to Penryn Campus remains low.



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